Exams and Friends.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, due to revising for exams, but yesterday I took an unplanned break and it ended up being one of the most entertaining days I’ve had with friends at uni so far. 

After giving up, and realising that revision efforts were fruitless, we decided to make the most of the rare sunny day that Scotland had been blessed with and spend some of it outside playing frisbee, and rounders (improvised with a frisbee). Safe to say, it was shambles, but some of the funniest, pathetic attempts ever seen. 


After giving up because of a huge lack of fitness, we wandered back to the flat to dress up one of the boys in a girls bra, to send back to a foul guy who thought it would be funny to send her unannounced dick pictures through snapchat. Revenge? Check. 


Soon though, his broad back was too much for her petite bra, so we moved onto game number three. Now this is basically big kids version of hide and seek. We turned off all lights in the hall, blindfolded the person who was ‘it’, and hide from them in the corridor, with them having to find us, and name whoever they had caught. The hall is quite narrow so it ended up with lots of brushing past, and then bolting for your life. Much to my own pride, I grabbed onto my boyfriend to catch him, and he ran, so he pulled me behind him half the length of the hallway (stretching his tshirt) as I carpet-surfed behind him. 

Proof that fun can happen during exam weeks, and without alcohol. 

And now back to revision. 



Blog themes, and lecturers fancy cars.

I’m quite a tidy person, and I like patterns, and things to flow seamlessly together, but I feel a bit put off by my blog at the moment because it doesn’t really follow a theme, it’s more just when inspiration hits. It is loosely based around keeping positive, but I just want it to be more put together, and glossy really. 

However, I’m not really gonna have time for that soon, as I have exams coming up, and it would just be embarrassing, mortifying to fail first year! 

Another question on my mind today; how can people at uni afford these flashy cars I keep seeing in the car-park? 

No kidding, I’ve seen about three little sports convertibles today, and we’re a small uni, only three thousand of us (I think). 

Seriously though, it’s not as if the students have enough money, but lecturer’s get paid jack shit too. Either they have a partner in a nice cushy job, or more realistically it’s all those male lecturers going through a mid-life crisis

Anyway, I hope you stay positive today! xo


Being Vegetarian.

I don’t often publicly display my choices for being vegetarian, and I am told often how people respect the fact I don’t try to force it down their throats, and I would never try to do so, because I hate it when people do the same to me. However, this is a topic I really feel strongly about and sometimes am moved so much I just want to try and help by educating the rest of the world a little. 

This film- (http://earthlings.com/?page_id=32) was key in solidifying my decision to become vegetarian, something I had been wavering over doing for almost a year beforehand. 

I urge everyone to have a look, even at just the trailer, because we as humans, in our self-made place as ‘top of the food chain’, have a right and duty to look after those who cannot give us a voice for themselves, and we need to be that voice. If we take the most from the Earth, surely we should be the ones to give us the most back? 

I understand that some people feel they have a right to eat meat, or feel it is what humans have always done (although many sources disagree) or just want to- but even still, they still have the ability to fight for compassion and fairness for animals, to see that they are treated right and not abused, even though unfortunately- they are still going to die. 

I can’t make someone not eat meat, and would never want someone to do so against their will, but I can briefly illustrate my feelings, and the feelings of many more on the subject and inform and educate people. 


Up and Down Like A Rollercoaster.

As usual, it’s been a varied week. 

My parents (my mum and step-dad) found out from a girl I work with that I liked the idea of tattoo’s and (in fact I have pretty set ideas of what I want), but all hell broke loose, and I quote it’s ‘nasty’, I’d ‘regret it’, and to ‘think again’ and not be ‘an absolute arse’. 

This made me so annoyed, because I can accept they don’t like them etc. and warning me off them, but I don’t appreciate how it was done, where I was basically told a straight ‘NO’, even though as an eighteen year old, I have the choice over what to do with my body, Iive away from home at uni, and am about to sign a lease for my first proper flat for next year with my friends. 

I understand my parents have different views to me and don’t accept my image and my ideas about image, and in fact my ideas and values in life, but I’d rather we all just agreed to disagree, rather than me being told I’m wrong pretty much. It kinda sucks, I’d like to be accepted for who I am. 

But oh well, if they can never do that if I choose to one day get tattoo’s (which I plan on) then that’s fine, maybe we’ll go our different ways. 


Happy Stuff (and the BBC)

You know, when you make the effort- positivity really comes to you in leaps and bounds, 

I know everyone tells you over and over the same things that work, but it’s such a surprise to the individual when it actually works. 

Yesterday I was really proud of myself, as I could feel myself slipping into unhappiness but I went onto tumblr and looking up happy cheesy quotes (hey, it works, don’t judge!) and forced myself to interact and be nice and not grumpy, and eventually I became genuinely happy. And it was so much better for everyone else. 

It really is the little things; like a walk on the beach and a pretty sunset; a good nights sleep; the fresh air making you feel refreshed; or opening a window and letting the brightness sweep the doom and gloom away; some silly happy music; whatever works!

Plus, if you think positively, only good things can happen, and the bad things don’t seem so bad.

For instance, as I was having lunch today a researcher from the BBC approached us (she must have sensed we were film students) and asked us if we would possibly be interested in participating in the audience for a new show broadcasting in Autumn. Even if we don’t get it- it’s such a cool thing to be asked!

Have a pretty sunset from the little town of Musselburgh and enjoy your day!Image


Renting my first house/flat!

I’m really lucky in the fact that the first flat/house my friends and I went to see (and coincidentally our favourite) was given to us, and we’re in the process over getting the draft lease etc.

It’s funny, because even a thing as boring as a lease to me is now exciting- I just can’t wait to move in and start decorating. A massive trip to Ikea is most definitely needed!

On the other hand, whilst I have a steady job at home (and possibly another on the side) but I don’t have one up here in Edinburgh and it’s becoming a bit of a concern of mine.

I need employment and I’m super nice and love being a waitress, please hire me!

Some of the gimps I’m living with next year-



IBS is a bummer.

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with IBS, which I’ve suspected fro a while, but as a student this creates one main problem: 

I can’t really drink. 

Now I love a party as much as the next person but recently it’s been causing me pain, and last night for a friend’s birthday I was basically sober. It kinda sucks, and I really want to find away around it. It could just be the place I went to, but I guess it’s baby steps.