Ways To Stay Creative & Happy

Whilst I consider myself a creative and imaginative person, I have recently found myself in an odd rut. A creative rut, but a rut nonetheless. I still read and I write, and am transported away by films, but I go for the same films, the same books over and over again. They may be my firm favourites but the mind still needs to be developed by new different ideas.

-Read and watch new things. Gain new hobbies. Experience things. If you stay in the same routine all your life, you’ll never move ahead, and never experience life to the full.

-Get outside. Four enclosed magnolia walls are hardly going to inspire and open the mind. Force yourself to get up and breathing in the air, and take long walks to new places; be it rolling green scenery, enticing ruined building or fragrant city market stalls.

-Turning off technology. It seems ironic for me to be saying this whilst typing away at a computer, but too much technology can dull us to the world. Technology allows us to access much of what a couple of generations ago seems crazy, and this can open our eyes and let us see incredible sights and fountains of knowledge, but many of us (myself included) spend too much time holed away straining at tiny pixels of information. Trying to see what is on a screen stops us seeing the beauty and fascination in the world around us, right on our very doorstop. Try putting the phone down, and turn the TV off, and looks at what’s around you; the dog eager to be exercised; the sun streaming in; the busy family across the street.

-Tomorrow is a new day. Cheesy I know, but it can help many of us to keep a smile on our face. People think that there are two different paths; try and success; or try and fail. In fact, the both are combined, success and failure are interwoven, and neither are bad, and both are life lessons. In the same way, just because today was a failure, doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be a success. Maybe the day after will be a failure too, but there will always be another success if you keep at it.

This was a short post, and a new direction I want to take my blog in, and I just want to thank anyone who reads this post- taking the time to do so means a lot to me, and please leave me a comment to say what you think, it’ll take ten seconds and would mean so much to me!


Making yourself feel good even when you don’t want to.

It’s a difficult thing to do when you don’t feel like it, making yourself feel good, when you just want to slump around in dirty pajamas, unbrushed teeth and a bird’s nest teetering on your head, but making the effort even just for a lazy day alone, I think can work wonders.

After travelling for most of the weekend, and a rubbish night’s sleep, my plans to go to the cinema (using my brother as an excuse to see How To Train Your Dragon 2) were put on the back burner, and I went to shower, but instead of just shoving on anything, I put on nice, but plain clothes, cleaned my teeth and did my hair nicely, and pampered my feet (all dry and cracked from being o holiday). But no make-up; I’m trying to keep my face free from make-up when I don’t need it, less chemicals and damaging to my skin, and all that jazz.

Now I’m typing this, and chilling on the couch, and maybe I’ll do a bit of retail shopping, and walk the dog- all before tidying up the house and cleaning, because to keep the positive vibes I need to take care of myself first, before doing the chores, and making myself clean and feeling good in nice clothes comes first.

This post doesn’t really flow well together, but basically I’m trying to say if you make an effort to make yourself feel good, the good feelings might come too.

Stay positive xoxo



Only a few, documenting just a fraction of the photos taken and the work done in the past year at uni.

This is also an excuse to promote my friend Martin’s photography (he’s real good, not like me who just messes about with photography). He’s based in the Highlands and in Edinburgh, and has a email address if you want to contact him about a job, which is:


His tumblr/blog is: http://martincracknellphotography.tumblr.com/

And his instagram is: martindcracknell

Now for my photos:






Being Vegetarian.

I don’t often publicly display my choices for being vegetarian, and I am told often how people respect the fact I don’t try to force it down their throats, and I would never try to do so, because I hate it when people do the same to me. However, this is a topic I really feel strongly about and sometimes am moved so much I just want to try and help by educating the rest of the world a little. 

This film- (http://earthlings.com/?page_id=32) was key in solidifying my decision to become vegetarian, something I had been wavering over doing for almost a year beforehand. 

I urge everyone to have a look, even at just the trailer, because we as humans, in our self-made place as ‘top of the food chain’, have a right and duty to look after those who cannot give us a voice for themselves, and we need to be that voice. If we take the most from the Earth, surely we should be the ones to give us the most back? 

I understand that some people feel they have a right to eat meat, or feel it is what humans have always done (although many sources disagree) or just want to- but even still, they still have the ability to fight for compassion and fairness for animals, to see that they are treated right and not abused, even though unfortunately- they are still going to die. 

I can’t make someone not eat meat, and would never want someone to do so against their will, but I can briefly illustrate my feelings, and the feelings of many more on the subject and inform and educate people. 


Everything & Disney.

The past few days have been quite informative in a number of exciting ways, and also very boring ways that I’m sure no-one really cares about, but I’m gonna ramble on about anyway. 

For starters: 

- I stayed over at my boyfriend’s (yes, he is now actually my boyfriend, a big step for commitment-phobe me), and met his parents who were absolutely lovely, and extremely accepting, which is a refreshing difference. 

- I’ve been diagnosed with IBS (probably) which I had suspected for ages, so hopefully now I should be on my way to less pain (after nearly going to hospital one dramatic Sunday night!) 

- I have a kinda, sorta job interview, so hopefully I can get some money soon and not be so worried about money! 

- And a really boring one, I think I’ve learnt how to write essays uni-style finaaaally, which is very different from school, so hopefully marks up for me, fingers crossed and all that. 

But Disney:

My lecturer was speaking the other day about stereotypes and conformity in Disney, and how we (me) have grown up in a generation  of little girls (and boys) who want to be princesses because of Disney. WRONG. I have never wanted to be a Disney princess, and as a little girl despised pink and all things glittery, dress and tiara-like. But that’s not my main point- what annoyed me was his point that ‘Disney has no diversity’. 

THIS IS WRONG. But also very true. Disney does encourage heteronormative marriage and a sense that a ‘happily ever after’ for females is just to find marriage and that’s it, however there is diversity in Disney films. The diversity in Disney shows a variety of ethnicities ( appropriate for the time and location of each film) such as Mulan, Aladdin, The Princess and the Frog and Pocahontas.  It also encourages a large level of acceptance; Prince Eric married a fucking fish for example. It isn’t always about finding your true love or ‘The One’ as well; Mulan is about a woman joining the army, and being as competent as a man when she is told she isn’t, and Frozen is about the power of family love and how important it is. 

I’m not saying Disney doesn’t have its flaws, because it has huge ones, and I accept that, but it’s not all bad, not all the time.