birdman 02 - CopyI liked it. Not as much as everyone else seemed to, and I thought it was a little slow at times but it was still a good film.

For those who haven’t seen it- SPOILERS- a brief summary. Riggan (Michael Thomas) who used to play iconic comic hero ‘Birdman’ in Hollywood finds himself desperately trying to prove his worth and talent as a director, producer and actor in his upcoming play. Struggling with his ego, he also deals with a drunken actor Mike (Edward Norton) who is seduced by Riggan’s drug- recovering daughter, played by Emma Stone. Essentially all of this fucks with his head, which is already confused and he hallucinates that he can do simple telekinetic tricks, and the deep voice of Birdman follows him around.

Eventually, desperate for this bitchy critic’s  review, he shoots his nose off, and lands up in hospital, a known star again wearing a mask covering his face, similar to the Birdman’s. He then wanders over to the window where he watches and smiles at a flock of birds high in the sky. He then falls gracefully out the window. Cue Emma Stone running [back] into the room, looking down at the ground in dismay, then confusion and finally lifting her head to the sky, smiling slightly and waving. End credits.Birdman - Copy

What I did love was the soundtrack. It only consisted of two different tracks, highly contrasting. One was a set of drums; I took these to be internal for Riggan, and at certain times these climax as he thumps his hand violently off the wall. What I didn’t love was his ex-wife. Totally unnecessary addition which added nothing to the film.

The long takes were a thumbs up though, and I loved how they used curved corners as a path line for the camera, with often the character’s glancing back as they exited a room.

Riggan’s obsession with fame, adoration and admiration/respect gets confused within his mind, and I think this is something we can all relate to, especially in this social media crazed era. We all get confused by what we want- do we want a boss to like us or respect us for our talent? Why do we need all those likes on instagram? Is it because we genuinely enjoy a site that lets us put up photos we can easily show friends and family, that acts as an online scrapbook and timeline, or is it because our own self-validation isn’t enough and we need reassured again and again?

emma and edward


‘We are in a war against terrorism. We are not in a war against religion.’ 

‘We are in a war against terrorism. We are not in a war against religion.’ 

This was said by the French prime minister only days ago in light of the recent shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. 

Whilst horrific in every sense of the world French Islamists are now fearing more discrimination as a result, and yet other religions who have had extremists are not seen this way. 

Let’s be blunt here; the western ideology of a terrorist is a stereotypical looking Muslim man, right? Even those who don’t judge Islam for the actions of individuals twisting their religion have that image in their minds, even if they don’t really believe it. It’s what the media has taught us. 

But here are some acts of violence by people in other religions. Now this is not validating terrorism in the name of any religion, I feel that terrorism should not be viewed through a judgement of the religion they have perverted, but it’s just to show that terrorism comes from a person, not a specific religion and as such, religion should not come into the image of terrorism. 


-The murder of Dr George Tiller, May 31, 2009. He was assassinated by Scott Roeder, a anti-abortion Christian Right terrorist. This was covered in the media, but mildly at most. 

‘At Fox News and AM neocon talk radio, Islamic terrorism is a source of nonstop fear-mongering, while Christian Right terrorism gets a pass.’ [1]


-‘The “Bat Ayin Underground” or Bat Ayingroup. In 2002, four people from Bat Ayin and Hebron were arrested outside of Abu Tor School, a Palestinian girls’ school in East Jerusalem, with a trailer filled with explosives. Three of the men were convicted for the attempted bombing.’ [2]

Frankly, there are hundreds more that I could write about with countless religions and non-religious beliefs but I won’t. The main point here is that terrorism should not be affiliated with one religion or religion as a whole. 

[1] http://www.alternet.org/tea-party-and-right/10-worst-terror-attacks-extreme-christians-and-far-right-white-men

[2] http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_religious_terrorism


 It’s the Yucky Part of Christmas Time (Being Ill and How to Feel Better- 6 Ideas)

Doctor’s appointments. Hospital visits, and that bunged up feeling in your nose and the shameful feeling of swallowing mucus.

It’s hard as a student to look after yourself when you’re ill in the winter, with no parent to force healthy food down your throat. That doesn’t mean I eat unhealthily, but it’s much harder not to take out the ready meal that’s been in the freezer for a month or so; or whip up yet another batch of pasta, with a side of pasta; or go with the even easier option of tea and a side of toast, whilst you cuddle up like a burrito with your ever faithful, and ever present lover Netflix.

Burrito of Sadness

Here’s a few of my things I like to do (they’ve been said time and time again but us students don’t listen to a damn thing!)

  1. Drink Tea. Lots of it.

Or coffee, or hot chocolate, or if you’re a hardy soul, go for the dreaded Lemsip. And soup, soup is a hero. Us British folk know that there’s nothing better than a loving cup of tea clutched in your hands and sipped gratefully, and it tastes even better when dunked with biscuit.

But seriously, it’ll warm you up, and make you feel that little bit happier and believe me, you need all the placebo you can get.

Ill Person with Tea

  1. Feeling Sorry for Yourself.

You can take it to a certain level, because we all need to feel a little pity for ourselves, because let’s be honest- who else will? But too much is detrimental, and can actually keep you feeling iller for longer. So force yourself up, and force yourself to move about and do little productive jobs; it’ll make you feel better about getting stuff done, and we all know as much happiness as you can helps!

  1. Take Medicine.

The worse it tastes the better it is for you, even the nasty stuff like Covonia. Do it, and regularly, but only when needed. I know it’s hard when Mum isn’t about to bug you that you last had medicine when you came home, so you need some now but do try.

  1. Fresh Air.

A top tip from my mum, that I’ve never forgotten. Whenever I was ill at home, she would always make me go out for fresh air at least once that day (unless I was vomiting profusely of course.) Of course no-one wants to do that when they are cosy and warm in bed, but the outside air does so much good compared to the stale recycled air we receive elsewhere. Even if you’re too ill to go outside, opening the windows for a bit can still help immensely.

  1. Eat.

You might not want to, but you need the strength to recover. Even if it’s a throwy-up bug, try a slice of toast (my mum stakes her life on ready salted crisps and Locazade).  There’s not much more to say on the subject of food, other than JUST DO IT.



Sick of Shitty French Realism Films

My lecturer is obsessed.  But lazy long takes, shaky camera work and plots with holes in just don’t do it for me.

I understand the theory behind realism, and I love the theory, but the finished product just doesn’t capture my attention. And it’s not as if I’ve been watching shitty realism films, one is by the Dardenne brothers, and the other by Haneke (who is actually Austrian).

Realism films attempt to capture social and political reality, and the grunge of everyday life, unlike the glamour of most films. But Cache (2005, Haneke)  only emphasises the arrogance of the lead protagonist, and raises questions such as why are we given no clue as to who sends the tape, and what the mother’s suspected affair has anything to with the progression of the film; is this why the son disappears and if not, why is it mentioned?

Cache Opening Still

(Opening Still from Cache)*

Most importantly though, it attempts to leave us hanging, and it in fact does, but with no hints. Majid kills himself, and his son maintains no knowledge of the tapes. An ambiguous scene at the end is Georges’ son and Majid’s son talking and laughing outside the former’s high school, leading us to wonder if Georges’ has anything to do with it. Other than that, we are given nothing, and take nothing from this puffed up film, other than a vague morality lesson of childhood mistakes following you, a creepy big brother feel, and slight dash of a reflection of humanity.

Cache Flashback

(Flashback Still from Cache)**

Maybe I’m just not mature or cultured enough to appreciate this film, but all-in-all I’m very much at odds with Rotten Tomatoes rating of Cache.





Can I keep this blog the way I want?

Recently I’ve been edging towards a job in advertising again. It seems to encompass everything I want to do. Filming and media, but with shorter, more varied projects to keep my interest piqued.

My only concern is- how do my social sites affect this future career path? This WordPress blog is about my life, and it’s not the most typical of views, do I need to delete blogs that explain a part of me, to advertise me better?