Femininity is an interesting concept.

I recently came across a tumblr post stating the words ‘just because I want equal rights doesn’t mean I want to be treated like a man’. I know that this quote could quite easily be taken the wrong way, insinuating that they still want all the stereotypical ‘perks’ of being female, e.g the idea the man has to pay for the meal, carry the bags etc. but I actually find it very poignant. This is because just because I want to have equal opportunity and not be seen as a second class citizen doesn’t mean I suddenly have huge objections to having a door opened for me, which I think is where some people often get confused. The way I see it, is that I’m happy and grateful for whoever opened the door for me, I think it’s a nice gesture, but I would do the same for anyone else, regardless of their gender.

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